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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Changing Lives for Christ

The Well Testimonies



Testimonials from former Counselee's




My marriage fell apart when I was confronted by my husband  that he was having an affair. I had my suspicions but since my husband and I were Christians and very active in church I did not want to think the worst. There is no way to explain the hurt, and humiliation that I felt. In the same year I had already lost my sister of the age 42, my mother, and my mother-in-law and all that I could think of was dying. I did not want to wake up another day if God had nothing better for me. But He did have plans for my life. God knew all along what was happening it was no surprise to Him. When the darkness came to light and it always will because His Word tells us so, then healing begins if we chose to follow Him and not give in to satan’s lies. God revealed to me that I was to fight for my marriage but I knew that would not happen without Biblical Counseling. My husband agreed and our pastor got in touch with The Well Counseling Ministry with all of our information and we got started right away. God put us together with a couple who are truly anointed and have a heart to see God’s people restored. The whole problem with what happened in our lives was that I could not see at the time  how far we both had gotten away from God. We both thought we were serving God when we were actually too busy for God to use us the way He planned. When we started counseling my attitude was that God needed to work on my husband and make him pay for the way he hurt me. Wrong, my husband sinned against God boy did I realize my selfish thinking. In the twelve weeks of counseling we had to be obedient to what the counselor’s gave us for homework. The first meeting we had showed us how far away from God we were and how we could restore our relationship to Him first when you are intimate with Christ everything else falls into place. What was so awesome about our meetings every week were the things God revealed in our lives such as a prideful heart, self-centered instead of God-centered, & how to truly love Him first then each other. I realized I was putting my husband before God and He deserves and commands to be first. I praise God for His perfect plan and the way He uses bad for His glory that He so deserves. I pray that this testimony will help many others be restored to Christ.


In Jesus name be blessed.


an Anonymous Counselee

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