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Saturday, July 22, 2017
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Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free
Part 1
Lie:  God is not really good. If He were...He would...
This lie is one that few women consciously believe.  Most of us would never say "God is not really good."  We know better but in many of our hearts, we have a possible suspicion that He has not been good to me.  This lie is at the very core of our wrong thinking about God.  This is the very same lie that satan used to seduce Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve were blessed and given freedom to eat of everything except for the fruit from one tree.  Satan concentrated on that one tree.  He tempted the woman to rebel against God by planting a seed of doubt in her mind about God's goodness.  Eve believed the lie and sinned against God.  
Still today, when crisis or situations comes in our lives satan still uses the same lie...Is God really good? 
Satan's tactics have not changed.  He still uses the same tactics today.
Once we doubt the goodness of God, we feel justified in rejecting His will and making our own decisions about right and wrong. 
The Truth:  God is good and everything He does is good.
Psalm 31:19 How great is Your goodness that You have stored up for those who fear You and accomplished in the sight of everyone for those who take refuge in You.
We are His children.  He cares for us.  
The truth is...Whether or not His choices seem good to us, He is good.  Whether or not we feel it, He is good.  Whether or not it seems true in my life or yours, He is still good.
I can relate this fact to my life by thinking about a baby.  I will use myself as an example.  When i was a small infant,  my parents took me to the health department to receive my required immunizations.  Even into the toddler years and well into grade school I remember getting those shots.  Now if you had asked me then, is this shot good I would have definitely yelled NO it is not good.  The shot was painful and sometimes it caused a fever as well as soreness for days.  But from my parents standpoint, they KNEW the shot was good.  They knew that the shot was for my good not only at that time...but for my future. To protect me from terrible life threatening diseases that could have cause havoc on my small body.
My parents knew it was good for my future and no matter what I needed it.
God (our Father) knows our future so He does in His all knowing wisdom know what is best for us. We can trust Him.  
Hannah Whitall Smith put it well when she said.
"A great many things is God's divine providences do not look to the eye like goodness. But faith sits down before mysteries such as these, and says "The Lord is good, therefore all that He does must be good no matter how it looks.  I can way for HIS explanations."
This very well could be the most important thing you ever read!